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What is the House of Music? What is there to see here?

The House of Music is an interactive sound museum with four floors. On the second floor is the museum of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The second floor, "Sonotopia", is dedicated to sound phenomena - here you can experiment with different sounds, for example, and learn a lot about sound, hearing and instrument groups. On the third floor, "Viennese Classicism", you can find out everything you need to know about the most famous composers (Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, etc.) who lived and worked in Vienna. On the fourth floor you will find the popular Virtual Conductor and the HdM Museum Shop.

What are the opening hours?

Daily 10:00-22:00 (also on weekends and public holidays, last admission: 21:00)

Where is the House of Music located?

Seilerstätte 30, 1010 Vienna, i.e. here.

How do I get to the Haus der Musik by public transport?

The nearest stations are Karlsplatz/Oper (U1, U2, U4, 1, 2, D, 71) or Stephansplatz (U1, U3), as well as the Schwarzenbergplatz station (2, D, 71).

Can I eat and drink in the museum?

No, eating and drinking is not permitted in the museum. However, you can take a break at any time in the glass-roofed inner courtyard, have a snack in the vending machine café "Café Nicolai" and then continue your visit to the museum.

Can I take my rucksack, jacket or luggage into the museum?

No - for fire safety reasons, rucksacks, jackets, large travel bags and suitcases must be handed in at the checkroom. You may take handbags or similar small bags with you if you wish. The checkroom is located by the museum ticket office, is staffed at all times and there is no charge. There are no lockable self-service checkroom boxes.

Do I have to book or reserve tickets for the museum in advance?

In principle, this is not necessary. However, should you wish to do so, the full-price ticket and selected concessions can be purchased in advance via www.wien-ticket.at. Other tickets (e.g. groups, family tickets, etc.) can only be purchased on site at the museum ticket office.

Is the Haus der Musik barrier-free accessible?

Yes, the entire building is accessible by elevator. Barrier-free toilets are located on the ground floor - please let the cashier know.

Can I leave the museum in between and come back later?

Yes, if you come back on the same day. Please just let the museum ticket office know.

Are there guided tours?

The Haus der Musik offers a wide range of guided tours, such as guided tours for kindergartens and schools: Guided tours for kindergartens and schools, guided tours as part of the wienXtra vacation games, guided tours as part of company celebrations or for special occasions. In any case, please contact us as soon as possible by telephone on weekdays on 01/513 48 50-28 or by e-mail at fuehrung@hdm.at
You can also find all the details of the guided tours on offer at www.hdm.at/musikvermittlung

From what age is the exhibition recommended for children?

Ideally from around 5 years of age to be able to use all the terminals in a meaningful way. Of course, the visit is also possible with younger and youngest visitors, with a focus on selected installations and rooms.

What should I bear in mind when visiting with babies or small children? (baby carriages etc.)

You may take baby carriages into the museum. All floors are accessible by elevator. You can also leave the baby carriage at the checkroom. Changing tables are located on the ground floor (barrier-free, please ask our ticket office staff), by the toilets in the basement and in the toilets on the 1st and 4th floors of the exhibition. Eating and drinking is not permitted in the museum. However, you can take a break in the inner courtyard at any time and then continue your visit.

Can I let my child visit the museum alone?

Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Can you also try out musical instruments in the Sound Museum, i.e. play the drums or guitar?

No, unfortunately that is not possible with us.

I would like to visit the HdM with my school class or a group - what do I have to do?

Please make sure you register in advance and as soon as possible so that we can coordinate your visit and avoid overcrowding. We want you to enjoy your visit with your school class or group as much as possible. Please understand that in case of doubt we give priority to registered groups. Please register by telephone on 01-513 4850 or by e-mail to info@hdm.at or via our online form.

Is prepayment possible for groups?

No, unfortunately not.

Is there a bus parking lot?

No, there is no bus parking directly at the Haus der Musik. You also need a permit to enter the 1st district. The nearest drop-off point for coaches is at Kursalon Hübner (Johannesgasse 33).

Is there a smoking area in the Haus der Musik?

No, smoking is prohibited in the entire interior of the Haus der Musik - however, ashtrays are available in front of the 3 entrances (Seilerstätte, Annagasse, Krugerstraße).

Will my inquiries also be answered at weekends and on public holidays?

The museum can be reached by telephone daily from 10.00 to 22.00. E-mail inquiries are processed as quickly as possible on working days.

CHILDREN'S CONCERTS: How long does a children's concert last?

Usually 1 hour.

CHILDREN'S CONCERTS: When is admission?

Usually 20-30 minutes before the concert starts.

CHILDREN'S CONCERTS: Can I let my child attend the concert alone?

No, children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

CHILDREN'S CONCERTS: Do I also need a ticket as an accompanying person?

Yes, every visitor to the concert (from the 2nd birthday) needs a ticket.

CHILDREN'S CONCERTS: From what age do children need a concert ticket?

From the 2nd birthday.

CHILDREN'S CONCERTS: My child would rather go swimming after all - can I return or exchange the tickets?

No, unfortunately concert tickets cannot be returned or exchanged.

CHILDREN'S CONCERTS: Can baby carriages be taken into the concert hall?

Unfortunately, for safety reasons, it is not possible to take baby carriages, scooters, bicycles etc. with you - these can be parked in the (glass-roofed) inner courtyard.

LIVE ON STAGE: Do I need a concert ticket despite having a member card?

Yes, as a Membercard holder, please also pick up a ticket for every Live on Stage concert at our museum box office. Please bear in mind that there may be no more tickets available at the box office.

LIVE ON STAGE: When is admission?

Usually half an hour before the concert starts, i.e. around 19:30. However, delays due to extensive sound checks are possible.

LIVE ON STAGE: Is there a bar?

Yes, right opposite the concert hall. Reduced to the basics with beer and wine. Soft drinks are available in the self-service Café Nicolai (ground floor/courtyard).

LIVE ON STAGE: Do the concerts take place regularly?

Around 12 concerts take place throughout the year, but the exact dates depend on the tour schedules and booking of the respective bands. 

LIVE ON STAGE: Are Live On Stage concerts always seated concerts?

Basically yes, only in rare exceptional cases are the concerts unseated.

How or where can I purchase concert tickets for concerts at Haus der Musik?

At our museum ticket office and online via www.wien-ticket.at 

Can I reserve concert tickets?

No - tickets can be purchased either on site at our museum ticket office or online/by telephone from Wien-Ticket.

Where do the concerts (children's concerts, Live On Stage,...) take place?

In the concert hall on the top floor, accessible via the glass elevator in the inner courtyard. The box office and checkroom are also located in the inner courtyard.

A concert is sold out, are there still (remaining) tickets available?

No, there is no extra contingent for our concerts, e.g. for the day of the concert itself.

Is a concert ticket also valid as a museum ticket?

No. A separate ticket must be purchased for the exhibition.

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