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When Jordan Klassen set about writing his seventh album "Glossolalia", a new creative source opened up to him. While he was recording the album, he continued writing and concluded with two different but complementary groups of works. "Marginalia" now rounds off the collection from this period. The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter and producer composed "Glossolalia" largely with guitar, creating a subtly flourishing record that perhaps sums up his "fairy folk for troubled times" approach better than ever before.

"Marginalia" is about the margins of life, away from the mainstream. Technically, it's a writing term where we take notes and write insights in the margins of a page. They may just be footnotes or notes, scribbles and drawings, but marginalia allows us to see things with a new understanding and make connections that may have gone unnoticed. Marginalia often come from a "stream of consciousness" in which we uncover things that are not in the direct line of sight. They are what we see in the light of the moon and not in direct sunlight. Inspirations that may come from the same place in our thoughts but have a contrasting feel. Like a photo negative.





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